Malaysia's E-Commerce Statistics

eCommerce statistics in Malaysia is hard to come by and I have got quite a number of requests on that. Thankfully, there was a special report on Oriental Daily News (yes, the no.4 Chinese Daily) last week presenting updated stats from IDC.

Again, sampling methods used in generating the statistics are not known but the stats itself might be useful as a reference.

Internet Users VS Buying Online

Malaysia E-Commerce Statistics: Internet Users VS Buying Online

Can you believe it? More than 8 million Malaysians (half of our internet population) have actually bought something online. No doubt, most of the numbers are contributed by the airlines and I am not sure whether online financial activities, bill payments etc. are included as well.

Products or Services Bought Online

Malaysia E-Commerce Statistics: Products or Services Bought Online

By comparing to the 2007's statistics, the gap between travel and the rest of the gang is narrowed, which is a good thing to prove that e-commerce in Malaysia is not all about airline / hotel / tour reservations. I am not too sure though on what kind of items are being categorized as "General Consumer Goods", and where does the apparel's segment stand?

Online Consumer by Age Group

Malaysia E-Commerce Statistics: Online Consumer by Age Group

No surprise here in which most of the consumers are contributed by the working adults. Almost 60% of online consumers' profession are managers or executives and 13% of them are students.

Hat tip: Joe.

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